Did you know that skin is a permeable membrane. That means whatever goes onto it can soak into it affecting not only the skin itself but whole body organs as well after the substance enters the bloodstream. Now when you consider the fact that no one, not even the government, regulates what goes into cosmetics today, my clients could have real problems because chemicals that in many instances prove to be toxins are playing a bigger and bigger role in cosmetics with every passing day. From things like mercury and acids that can literally shut down a body's organs to simpler chemical compounds that can break down the skin itself, simply stated, my clients rightfully expect me to be part makeup artist and part chemist if I'm going to really do the job I'm paid really well to do.

I'm Glenda Facemire, a professional makeup artist for more than 25 years and the entertainers that appear on my shows don't just expect me to just make them look good for a single show. They depend on me to be their partner and a partner with their trainers, estheticians, nutritionists and others to help them extend their careers as long as we possibly can. And that means knowing what's going on with the cosmetics that I'm putting onto their skin. People like Norah Jones, Chris Isaac, Stevie Winwood, Lyle Lovett, Clint Black, Pam Tillis, Trisha Yearwood, Whoopie Goldberg, Sharon Osborne, Tara Lipinsky, a myriad of guests on Oprah, Nightline, Unsolved Mysteries and NBC, BBC, MTV, BET CBS and VH-1 and literally hundreds of other stage, screen and video stars that I've done in my career all depend on me to make the right recommendations based upon my knowledge and experience and I will not let them down.

When Inside Hollywood asked me to join their effort to help their visitors be the best that they can be, I couldn't have been more excited. As a professional makeup artist, I know what works and what doesn't work. I know where the dangers are and I know what nourishes the skin while making it as smooth and silky as possible for the camera lens.

In getting started, I want you to remember that, as you read through this site and the daily, weekly and monthly articles I and my partners will contribute, remember, beauty is nothing if it is not a set of building blocks, one stacked on top of another. It starts with nutrition and physical fitness and ends with cosmetics. Now I don't mean you need 5 hours a day in the gym and to start eating grass but I do mean, one by one, cutting back on the cheeseburgers and taking a brisk daily walk around the block. That starts to build up the muscle and gets the heart pumping which delivers oxygen and nutrients to the cells. These cells then form ultimately the outer layer of skin which provides us with a "canvass" to work on. To this canvas we can then apply cosmetics which, if done properly, results in exactly what you're looking for; radiant, Hollywood beauty that's unique to you. So let's get started.