What's Natural About Natural?

In a minute, I'm going to talk about how skin actually works in Skin101 and it's alot simpler than you think. But before I do, I wanted to talk a little bit about the industry's new buzz word, "All Natural". While natural products can be exceptionally beneficial in skin care products, not all "natural" ingredients are good....and not all natural ingredients are "natural". So just what does "natural" mean?

Well, we don't really know. And the government doesn't know either otherwise they'd be regulating it just like they regulate everything else. The fact of the matter is that in today's scheme of things, "natural" means pretty much what ever the individual cosmetic company wants it to mean and that's simply way too dangerous for me. As far as I'm concerned and the vast majority of my artist friends, in the world of skin care, suffice to say that the claims you hear about all-natural products are either 1) over-exaggerated because the products are really filled with unnatural ingredients, or 2) the natural ingredients they do contain are problematic for the skin. The bottom line is that just because something grows out of the ground, it's not necessarily good for the skin. And, conversely, just because it's a chemical doesn't necessarily make it bad for the skin, either.

When it comes to cosmetics, you'll most likely hear term associated with plants and, when is comes to plants, it's usually the extracts or some small part of the plant that's beneficial to the skin and not a slice of it crammed or squeezed into a bottle that's beneficial. That means it has to go through some form of chemical and mechanical process to be gotten from the plant. And if the natural plant ingredient started out good for the skin, does that chemical extraction make it now somehow bad for the skin?. It's simply a very confusing issue that advertisers have made all the more confusing with their unfounded and exaggerated claims. So, the only way to really know is either to be a chemist or, on the other hand, to trust the people who provide the products to you.

For me, it's much simpler to be a bit of both considering the faces and bodies I have to work on every day. So, along with getting my products directly from Studio Direct whose reputation in the industry is second to none, I also have my "CheatSheet" that tells me what to stay away from and what is beneficial to the skin. Here's a CheatSheet for you that you should refer to each and every time you look to buy a product. So the final word for me and my clients is "Trust the Professionals" and I trust Studio Direct to give me the best products I need , all-natural or not.